Rocket Productions was given the opportunity to put together this year’s PSA campaign for the 2020 Census.  Because of concerns regarding the coronavirus, we were given remarks and footage from Governor Pritzker, Mayor Lightfoot and Cook County President Preckwinkle.  Rocket’s job was to use our creativity in putting these video statements together to make a compelling PSA about the importance of participating in the 2020 Census.  When we received all of the leaders’ remarks, we noticed that the governor’s video statement was recorded vertically on his iPhone.  We were told that had to work with what we had.


Our creative team decided to flip all the interviews vertically and develop a campaign focusing on messages coming from a cell phone.  At a time when cell phones are used more than computers for accessing information, this made for an interesting concept.  The idea was to create different scenarios where the public was holding their cell phones listening to our Illinois leaders speak of the importance of filling out the census.  The challenge was to be able to track the video within the phone to give it a realistic appearance.  This was accomplished by using a “green screen with tracking markers” on the cell phones and tracking the video footage.


The objective of a PSA (Public Service Announcement) is to raise awareness and create an atmosphere where the public feels a sense of the importance in supporting an organization. PSAs are run without charge, so they can become a very cost-effective way of promoting an organization’s message to the general public. Rocket Productions can develop, write, produce shoot and edit your next PSA!

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